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Cram /Review Weekend Classes 2016 For Sales Associates and Brokers

(This is included in the Sales Associates, and Broker Pre-Licensing classes)

Class time are from 9:00am to 6:00pm Both Saturday and Sunday Brokers stay 1/2 hour later on both days.

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While attending real estate school, this book has been a key tool in studying for your Florida real estate exam. This book is updated every year to reflect all of the latest developments in Florida real estate laws and practice policies. This particular exam manual we feel is one of the most comprehensive real estate school study tools available for either real estate school sales associate students or real estate school broker exam candidates. It uses a large variety of comprehensive study aids which include over 600 practice test  questions and two 100-question sample exam questions to enhance the concepts which you have learned in the main chapters of text and this book will prepare students for the licensing exam. A flash card CD-ROM is included with the book which provides an interactive platform for our real estate school students to review many of the key real estate terms needed to pass the exam.

Here is the breakdown of the information which is within the book:

Real Estate Law, Florida Real Estate License Law

SECTION 1 License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
SECTION 2 License Law and Administration
SECTION 3 Brokerage Relationships and Ethics
SECTION 4 Real Estate Brokerage Operations
SECTION 5 Complaints, Violations, and Penalties

General Real Estate Law

SECTION 6 Federal and State Housing Laws
SECTION 7 Property Rights: Estates, Tenancies, and Multiple Ownership Interests
SECTION 8 Titles, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions
SECTION 9 Real Estate Contracts
SECTION 10 Planning and Zoning

Real Estate Principles and Practices
SECTION 11 The Real Estate Business

SECTION 12 Legal Descriptions
SECTION 13 Real Estate Finance
SECTION 14 The Mortgage Market
SECTION 15  Estimating Real Property Value
SECTION 16 Product Knowledge
SECTION 17 Real Estate Investment Analysis and Business Opportunity Brokerage
SECTION 18 Taxes Affecting Real Estate
SECTION 19 The Real Estate Market
SECTION 20 Computations and Title Closing

Sample Exam Questions
Florida Real Estate License Law Chapters

General Real Estate Law Chapters
Real Estate Principles and Practices Chapters
Math Problems
Broker Investment Problems
Practice Closing Statement for Broker Candidates
Practice Exam 1: 100 Multiple-Choice Question Exam 1
Practice Exam 2: 100 Multiple-Choice Question Exam 2
Practice Exam 1 Answer Sheet
Practice Exam 2 Answer Sheet

Answer Keys with Explanations

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